Lonski & Classen - Climbing on Branches (LP)

Lonski & Classen - Climbing on Branches (LP)

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Climbing on Branches is the debut Album of Lonski & Classen, released in late 2009.

The two had played a couple of memorable concerts earlyer that year and gained something like a status in berlins music scene. When they invited for the record release concert in Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, many people came, amongst them Yann Tiersen, who was in town for rehearsals and asked L&C to be his support band for the Dust Lane tour in 2010.  

„I like bands that I can’t pin down stylistically. Lonski and Classen have some identifiable indie and rock elements in their sound, but also a clear element of true creativity: there are sounds and words that have not been passed through any kind of hipness or accessibility filter. This is gently mental, genially deranged, and sonically stimulating music. You should listen to it, and if you don’t get it, you should listen to it some more, until you do.“